New chairman at Cardiff Airport calls for routes, which ones would you like?

This has been a historic week for the airport, now that the Welsh Government have bought it for £52m.

Today’s news is that the new chairman Lord Rowe-Beddoe, formerly of the well regarded Welsh Development Agency, has said that the airport need to ‘get cracking’ on attracting flights:

THE new chairman of Cardiff Airport today said they need to “get cracking” on attracting more airlines following its sale to the Welsh Government.

Lord Rowe-Beddoe, who was appointed chairman of the new airport board yesterday, said it was key to attract more airlines to Cardiff, potentially driving down flight prices.

He told BBC Radio Wales: “We will be looking at that and improving the customer experience with the facilities of the airport. And most of all getting airlines to use it again.” […]

He also has the challenge of retaining the routes and flights that are currently operating.

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