Please sign the petition to Stop The Spur

We have launched a Stop The Spur petition on the website:

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You have until the morning of 2nd April 2012 to sign the petition. Why not do it now? It doesn’t matter if you’re a resident of the Vale of Glamorgan or not. Anybody can sign the petition.

Why 2nd April 2012? That is the deadline for representations about the local development plan. On that morning we will put together a collective objection to the rail spur proposal with all signatures attached and hand it to the Council. This will then be considered as evidence by the planning committee. We have thought hard about the best wording and format for the text.

Please spread the word about too. Every signature on the petition adds real weight to the campaign.

Or if you want to know more about this issue then watch some videos.

5 thoughts on “Please sign the petition to Stop The Spur

  1. Another absurb half-witted suggestion. Instead of improving road links for the last 25 years they come up with this completely infeasable scheme. Perhaps this is why they are reducing the main artery of Port Road to a cycle way?

  2. I agree, more planes and routes not trains. Why did BMi Baby pull out,my wife and I travelled many times with BMi and the planes were always full.

  3. What a waste of public money. More destinations are required and more importantly road access. A road has been under discussion for 25 years and still nothing. Narrowing the road at the Crematorium is not going to help when there is talk of 10,000 more houses under planning to be built in the area. If each house just 1 car where are they going to go. The bus lane at Dinas Powys is a good example of wasted money. The public are never made aware of these things until they are done – too late!

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