Stop The Spur campaign: 148 on Facebook and support is growing

A quick update from the Stop The Spur campaign…

The issue started with our concerns about a local development plan in Vale of Glamorgan with no media presence. We realised that we would need to at least plant a seed online in order to make people realise the folly of the rail spur plan. So we put some info online and have been really encouraged by the support that we’ve seen in a relatively short space of time. This week we have received more messages of support, people subscribing to our updates and some enquiries for further info.

At the time of writing we have had 148 people pledge their support on our Facebook page and growing.

We’re also trying to encourage anyone involved in the Vale of Glamorgan: make sure you have your say and send your feedback to the Vale council. That includes not only residents but regular visitors, people who work here and so on. We’ve put together a friendly guide to the response form.

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