How the rail spur threatens the Vale line

The proposed rail spur to the airport will compete with the Vale line to Rhoose and Llantwit Major for line capacity and resources.

With an estimated capacity of 4 trains per hour after upgrade work is completed in Cardiff, the Welsh government aims to increase Vale lined services to two an hour. With 3 trains an hour proposed on the airport link, plus hourly freight services to Aberthaw power station, something has to give.

With the level of political and financial investment required to make the rail spur happen, the Vale line would almost certainly lose out to the new rail line. So as well as destroying the local environment, local livelihoods and failing to help Cardiff Airport in the slightest, the spur would damage a vital transport link that’s being used by 360,000 people a year.

Please sign the petition to lodge an objection to this plan. We have until Monday 2nd of April.